Erdogan Began Diplomacy Over Rohingya Muslim’s Plight

Turk President called on the Presidents of Kazakhstan , Nigeria , Senegal to discuss the plight of Rohingya Muslims .

ISTANBUL: The President of  Turkey Erdogan  began diplomacy on the plight of  Myanmar Muslims .The Turkey President discussed the issue in his telephonic talk with Presidents of Kazakhstan , Senegal and Nigeria on the occasion of Eid al Adha .

In his talks, President Erodgan stressed the importance of working together to solve the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar, the media reports from Turkey said.

The Presidential sources, who avoided to be named, said that while Turk President called the Presidents of Kazakhstan, Senegal and Nigeria, to extend them Eid al Adha greetings on telephone, he impressed upon the  importance to support the Rohingya Muslims .

Media reports also said that earlier this week , Turkey President Erodgan also discussed the plight of Rohingya Muslims with the leaders of Saudi Arabia , Pakistan ,Iran , Qatar , Mauritania ,Bangladesh , Kuwait , Azerbaijan .

Indonesian FM Raised Issue Of Rohingya Muslims

Indonesia is the another Muslim country which raised the issue of atrocities against Rohingya Muslims by army .Retnu Marsudi , Indonesian FM , spoke to  Myanmar’s  National Security adviser U.Thaung Ton over the disproportionate  use of force by Myanmar army in the Rakhine state , in which thousands of Rohingya Muslims have been displaced .

A group of Rohingya refugees carry their children as the wade across water after travelling over the Bangladesh-Myanmar border in Teknaf, Bangladesh, September 1, 2017. REUTERS/Mohammad Ponir Hossain

The Indonesian FM, reportedly asked the Myanmar NSA to direct security forces to avoid civilian causalities amid the violence and to provide protection to the Rohingya community .

According to the media reports, Indonesian FM said ,” I , during the talks ,highlighted that Indonesia remains committed to providing help and assistance to the Myanmar government to ease the situation or help build a conducive Rakhine .”

The Indonesian FM Marsudi also told that she contacted the Indonesian embassy in Yangon and directed the diplomats to get detailed report  of the matters from national Security adviser of Myanmar .

The Indonesian FM also claimed that she also talked to the FM of Bangla Desh , over the reported refusal of their country  to allow Rohingya Muslims seeking refuge .



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