Eid ul Fitr Holidays Announced in UAE

DUBAI: The government of UAE has announced Eid al Fitr holidays on Friday and Saturday June , 15-16 , 2018 for all private sector employees .But the public sector employees have been grant more Eid holidays According to Khaleej Times Eid ul Fitr holidays have been declared from 29th of Ramadhan ( June 14 ) until Sunday ,June 17  .

The Khaleej Times report said that the government has directed all private companies to grant Eid ul Fitr  leaves with pay to their employees .A circular has been issued by Minister of Human resources and Emaritisation Nasser Bin Thani Al Hamli to this effect .According to UAE labour laws all employees of private firms  get paid holidays on very first and second days of the month of Shawwal .

The Federal Government Human Resources ministry has extended Eid Greetings to all Muslims of the Nation and the world .



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