Two Million Hajis retuned to Mina to perform final rituals of Haj , as Eid al Adha was celebrated in UAE , UK ,US ,Indonesia ,Malaysia ,Egypt ,Afghanistan and many other countries

MAKKAH : Eid al Adha was celebrated in Arab countries , and many western countries , as millions of  Muslims offered Namaz e Eid  and  sacrificed animals .More than 2 million Haj pilgrims carried out important rites  of Haj today . They reached Mina , towards multi -storey to cast pebbles at 3 devils .

They also offered sacrifice , to commemorate Hazrat Ibrahim AS ‘s  test of faith by Almighty .They will spend  3 nights in Mina , to complete the Haj rituals .After shaving the head , these Hajis are removing Ihram , the white garments worn during Haj , till today.

People buy meat at a street market in Cairo, Egypt August 24, 2017. Picture taken August 24, 2017. REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany

Eid al Adha was celebrated with enthusiasm. Ruler of Dubai ,Prime Minister Shaikh Mohammed   Bin Rashid Al Maktoum performed the Eid al Adha prayers , at Zabeel Mosque .Following the prayers ,Imam Dr. Omar Al Khatib delivered his Eid sermon which focused on charity , good deeds and submission to Allah SWT .

According to reports Eid al Adha is being celebrated in UAE .The animals are  sacrificed in slaughter houses .UAE has prepared for the grand celebration of Eid al Adha .Stores are offering up to 80 % discount to purchasers in this festival time .There are many activities , attracting people as they are in holiday mood .Dazzling fire work displays are also arranged to fill the sky  at shopping malls and various areas of UAE.

Afghanistan celebrated Eid al Adha with animal sacrifices and call for peace .Eid al Adha is being celebrated in Kabul in a mood of apprehension, as many suicide attacks during last few month had killed dozens of people in national capital.In his Eid address President Ashraf Ghani called upon the Taliban leadership to help restore strict Islamic rules in Afghanistan and accept peace.

Muslims in UK celebrated Eid al Adha .In London , the two communities came together in the display of communal harmony. Muslim community in London requested the London Catholic School Board to host their Eid Congression.The board gladly offered its athletic field which turned into a praying ground for Namaz e Eid. More than 4000 Muslims offered Namaz e Eid al Adha , on this ground .

Eid al Adha was also celebrated in Egypt, Indonesia , Malaysia .The Indonesian Muslims observed Eid al Adha with moderation and lively atmosphere. Animals were sacrificed and beef was distributed among poors and neighbors.

Muslims in USA celebrated Eid al Adha today .Prayers were offered .Animals were sacrificed and meat was distributed .Michigan Muslim Community Council expects to distribute  65000 pounds of meat to under privileged families .




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