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Drug Mafia Playing Havoc in the City, destroying the Younger Generations


MUMBAI: The city is in the destructing clutches of drug mafia which is operating in the cross section of the society. It is operating in five star, seven star hotels and clubs as well as in slums and shanties of poorest colonies.

The police and security agencies have given a free hand to drug mafia to run its business in the city.

They are destroying the generations by inserting the poison of drugs into the veins of our younger generations.

It is very unfortunate that the police as well as the society has not taken the serious view of activities of the drug mafia and its adverse effect on the city.

shakti mills gangrape
Shakti Mills, Mumbai

The gang-rape at Shakti Mills Compound in Mahalakshmi must have opened the eyes of the society.

This crime was a chilling example of how people get addicted to drugs, mostly youths and teens behaving without the fear of law and security agencies. But general media and public did not take any note of it.

Only a few newspapers reported about the back-ground of drug mafia behind the recent  rise in crime in the city.

The Mumbai police very well knows how drug mafia is playing havoc with the peace and tranquility of the city, but it is very sad that a section of the police force is hand in gloves with this mafia.

Therefore, the police is not taking an all-out war to break the back-bone of drug mafia. The police began a drive against the drug addicts after Shakti Mills gang rape, but it is facing many hurdles.

Now a days this drug mafia got spread to other major cities like Hyderabad and Goa. During celebrations like New Year, Holi etc the cost of imported drugs reach peak in these cities. Because of the large demands, the mafia is getting increased.

drug addicts

People from African countries  are mostly found to be culprits in this case.

Youths here prefer African drugs for its high quality and they do not go to local drugs which they think are adulterated.

There is a well-established structure for this mafia. There are kingpins, smugglers and peddlers forming chain in more than one city.

Kingpins stay majorly in Mumbai and Goa and control the network of transaction of drugs between different cities.

Smugglers travel between cities and hand over the goods to peddlers, who behave so cautiously while selling it to the customers.

rave party

Mumbai has become a capital city for drugs. It is quite easy to manage selling drugs sitting at Mumbai than anywhere else in India.

As the reports after the Shakti Mills Gang-rape suggests, the police is not equipped and prepared to cope with the menace of drugs, drug-addiction, drug-addicts as well as the mafia dealing in drugs.

With the rich influential class of the society being part of the benefited of the drug mafia apart from being their customers, it gets hard for the Police to have a complete crackdown on the chain.

Many such instances where rich kids were caught consuming drugs were let off by the law makes it even more difficult to bring this menace to justice.

Therefore there is a need to face the challenge of drug mafia with rigor and planning to get rid of the rising crime in the city.



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