Dr.Ambedkar Had Warned Against Such Anti – Minority Attitude

MUMBAI: “Unfortunately for the Minorities in India, Indian Nationalism has developed a new doctrine which may be called the Divine Right of the Majority to rule the minorities according to the wishes of Majority.

Any claim for sharing of power by the minority is called Communalism , while the monopolising of the whole power by Majority is called Nationalism .Guided by such political philosophy the Majority is not prepared  to allow the Minorities to share political power ,

nor is it willing to respect any convention made in that behalf as is evident from their repudiation of the obligation ( to include representatives of minorities in the Cabinet ) contained in

the Instrument of Instructions  issued to the Governors  in the Government of India Act 1935 .Under these circumstances there  is no way left but to have the rights of  the Scheduled Castes embodied in  the Constitution .”

These are the  words Dr.Baba Saheb Ambedkar wrote  on March 24 1947 in a  Memorandum on the Rights of States and Minorities .But his prophecies about the Majoritarianism  and contempt for Minority’s rights for equal share in governance have proved right .The BJP  governments in various states as well as in the center are behaving in such manner as it was explained by the father of Constitution 70 years ago .

Many MPs ,MLAs and even ministers belonging to the BJP government openly raise their voices against sharing rights and benefits to the minorities openly .They are echoing the sentiments of Sangh Pariwar .

They always look opportunity to deny minority community. The  demand to give reservation to some backward communities on the basis of their backwardness is resisted .

Such demands by Muslims are  branded as communal .Even , if Urdu language is granted second official status in some states , the move is opposed by the communal forces as Muslim appeasement .

Those  CMs  which are accepting legitimate  demands of Muslims as a leading minority community like Telangana , West Bengal etc are portrayed  and described as anti-National .

Dr. Ambedkar warned against such anti Minority attitude 70 years ago and these forces must be restrained to save secular democracy .




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