1. Baba Saheb Ambedkar had difference of opinion with Gandhi , Nehru , Patel and Government of India over crucial Kashmir policy .He did not favour annexation of Kashmir .

According to biographer Dhananjay Keer , Dr. Ambedkar expressing his views on Kashmir said , “The right solution for the Kashmir issue is to partition the state .Give the Hindu and Buddhist parts to India and the Muslim part to Pakistan as we did in the case of India.”

(Dr. Ambedkar , Life and Mission / 2002 / pg. 436 )

Many leaders opposed Dr. Ambedkar but still there were leaders like M.N.Roy who supported him .

“Mrs. Maniben Kara told Acharya Donde that  M.N.Roy greatly appreciated the manifesto ( of Dr. Ambedkar’s SC Federation released on Oct .1951 in Delhi ) and Roy was in full agreement with Ambedkar on the Kashmir issue .”

(Dr. Ambedkar , Life and Mission / 2002 / pg. 438)

According to this book , Dr. Ambedkar after resigning from Congress Government’s cabinet  ( in 1951 over the controversy of Hindu Code Bill )felt like a free man .He addressed a meeting at Jallandher .

‘In regard to the Kashmir issue , he said ,”If We cannot save whole Kashmir , at least save our kith and kins.It is a plain analysis of the fact which cannot be denied .”

(Dr. Ambedkar , Life and Mission / 2002 / pg. 438)




He also termed the foreign policy  , adopted by the then Government , as ‘wrong ‘.He said that such wrong foreign policy adopted by the Government of India increased enemies rather than friends .

”Owing to that wrong foreign policy India had spent Rs. 108 Crores out of Rs. 350 Crores of her revenue on Army .He added that the colossal expenditure India had to foot because India had no friends on whom she could depend for help in any emergency that might arise.”

( Dr. Ambedkar : Life & Mission/Dhananjay Keer /2002 /pg.436 )

This meant that he was an advocate of friendship with neighbors so save on military budget .He preferred that National budget must have large provision for development than defense and foreign policy must pursue such goal.



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