Why Dr. Ambedkar Chose Nagpur To Renounce Hinduism ?

NAGPUR : Great Dalit leader Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar renounced the Hindu religion and converted to Budhism on 14th October 1956 , along with his lakhs of followers .

Dr. Ambedkar chose Nagpur which has been the Headquarter of Hindutvadi and Hindurashtravadi RSS ,  as the center for the renunciation ceremony of Hinduism and conversion to Buddhism.

The reason lies in the Buddhist history.

Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar  explained that he chose Nagpur for his

conversion to Buddhism over other cities as this is the land of Nag people .According to him , those were the Nag people who spread Buddhism in India .

The Nag people were fiercest and sworn enemies of Aryans .A fierce and fighting war went on between Aryans and Non Aryans .The Nag people fought against Aryans .They were the people who propagated and  spread  teachings of Lord Buddha  all over the country .

Dr. Baba sahib Ambedkar revealed that harassment of Nag people by Aryans are found in Puranas.

He claimed that people of Depressed Classes of India are children of Nag People .he described that Nag people were subjected to persecution by Aryans .Agasti Muni helped only one Nag Man to escape alive from such persecution.

Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar claimed , “We spring from that Nag Man .Those Nag people who  endured so much sufferings from Aryans wanted some great men to raise them .They met that Great man in Gautam Buddha.

The nag people preached teachings of Great Gautama Buddha all over India .Thus We are like Nag people.”

Dr.Baba Saheb Ambedkar revealed that Nag people may be living in this land which is called as Nagpur and surrounding countries. Nagpur  means  the city of Nag people .He also said that Nag river flows at about 27 km from here .

He explained that this historical back ground helped him to choose Nagpur as the place to announce renunciation of Hinduism and conversion to Buddhism of him and his followers .



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