KABUL: The private US Military Contractor and owner of controversial private US Security Agency ‘Black Water’, Eric Prince seems to have succeeded in selling the idea of foisting a British Raj like occupation of Afghanistan to Donald Trump.

The US administration may try to replicate history by initiating what may be said as experiment of a US East India Company rule in Afghanistan.

Trump, who earlier wanted to pull out of Afghanistan & Iraq has now changed his mind. He declared his intention not only to prolong the war & increase US military presence in Afghanistan, but also to plan for long term occupation of the natural resources rich country.

His recent televised address to his troops is seen as a successful indication of Eric Prince’s plan. Trump admitted that he had announced the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan as he once considered Afghan war as a complete waste. However, he admitted that bowing to the pressure from his top officials, he decided to raise the US stakes once more in the 16 year long conflict.


Media reports earlier revealed ‘Balck Water’ owner Eric Prince had gone a lobbying tour around US pitching his own plan to replicate the East India Company’s Rule of British Raj in the war torn Afghanistan. Eric Prince motivated influential US officials against withdrawal from Afghanistan.


Prince’s plan for Afghanistan recommends a ‘Viceroy-Rule’ on behalf of US government in Afghanistan. He recommends that a US Viceroy should take over the government of Afghanistan. He also recommended that US must exploit the natural resources in Afghanistan to the maximum & recover the war costs.

He has linked his plan to the Marshall Plan or the Dutch, East India Company’s exploits in British India. US author Robert Young Pelton and retired Green Beret Derek Gannon described Eric’s plan as bad for Afghanistan and bad for America.

Erik Dean Prince is an American businessman and former U.S. Navy SEAL officer best known for founding the government services and security company Blackwater USA, now known as Academi.

A report in US media in the 1st week of August had hinted that Trump was weighing a plan to privatize Afghanistan war by hiring Black Water founder Eric Prince, who is brother of US Secretary of Education Betsy Devos.

According to a Daily Mail report, Eric had a plan to restructure Afghan war. It is presumed that the televised Trump Afghanistan Plan is the first step of US drifting towards Eric’s Master-Plan .




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