Discrimination against Muslims In Housing Sector Growing

MUMBAI: Muslims not only in Mumbai but also in other small towns in MMR are facing extreme biases as they are openly being denied flats and properties on rent or for purchase.

Most of the estate agents in many areas, colonies, buildings of Mumbai and around guide Muslim property seekers about where they are not allowed and where they can get properties .

So it is seen that Muslims property seekers even in the cosmopolitan city like Mumbai have limited choice.

This discrimination against Muslims in housing sector began two decades ago but sad part of it is, it is still growing with rampant development the city and other towns in MMR.

Such bias against Muslims has been occasionally contested or challenged therefore refusing to let or sell a property to any Muslim has become an unwritten law in the so called cosmopolitan metropolis. This is an open secret known to almost all estate agents that there are many areas in Mumbai and Suburban Mumbai where Muslims are not allowed.

There is an undeclared ban on Muslims .A property cannot be sold or given on rent to any Muslim. There are many housing societies which discourage members from letting or selling their premises to a Muslim .They disapprove any such deal, although such act or practice is gross violation of cooperative housing society law or other laws guiding sale , purchase , renting of properties .

There was a big uproar in media some decades ago when film star Shaban Azmi , her husband Javed Akhtar , fim actor Emraan Hashmi were denied the opportunity to buy flats in high rise societies of so called posh areas just because they happened to be Muslims .

But such uproar in media  did not discourage this anti – Muslim attitude .Reports suggest that  the anti- Muslim bias in various parts of Mumbai and other towns has increased with time .Now the number of areas where Muslims are flatly refused and discouraged from hiring or purchasing any property has increased sharply .But there is no effort either in the communities or at official level to fight against such bias  and discrimination .




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