Flesh trade


Digitalization of sex racket has proved to be a boon for human traffickers dealing in flesh trade, and offering sex workers for pleasure by soliciting customers on line. Since the law against their activity is limited in case of websites or mobile apps or dating apps that are largely being used now by pimps or brothel keepers.

red light area

The police officers, dealing with the menace of prostitution say, “Such digital media , where, a person goes, on his free will, like website, mobile apps  and other social media, are like RED LIGHT AREAS.”

Moreover, the police cannot take action against pleasure seekers as well as those working there, in sex trade, unless a complaint is lodged.

For the past few years, the so called escort agencies, who in fact, offer sex workers, have been noted using mobile apps and dating apps a lot.

Sex Racket

The police officers say that as in the case of red light areas, they cannot take action against flesh trade, being conducted through web sites of mobile apps on their own. They can take the action, if only there is a complaint.

The police acts on specific complaints only, so this gap in the law has given boost to on line sex trade, creating digital red light areas and digital red light districts.

human trafficking

Why police feel, the websites and mobile apps are just like red light districts.The police officers say that just how in a red light area, where, a customer will be solicited only if he goes there at his free will.

Similarly, those who, access to the websites and mobile apps of so called escort services, will only be solicited.

The police sources say that soliciting customers in open domain is an offence.But like red light areas, the websites and mobile apps used for sex trade, are not an open domain. Therefore, the law has limits and hence, the actions of the police has limits.

Such a void in the law is not only giving rise to the digital red light districts, but is also posing threat to the country’s integrity.




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