Deonar Slaughter House Not Yet Ready For Eid-Goats

MUMBAI: The arrival of sacrificial  goats for Eid-al-Adha will begin from August 21st 2017. However Deonar Slaughter House, the biggest goat market in the city, where lakhs of Muslims visit to purchase goats every year is not yet ready.


The slaughter house in Deonar is the official market place to accommodate approximately 3 lakh sacrifial goats and 10,000 other big animal which are brought by traders from all over the country.

Deonar Slaughter House is spread over a 64 acre plot. A vast area of this space is open ground. Due to rainy season BMC officials who collect fees from goat sellers as well as purchaser for creating facilities here, are erecting a huge pandal. Although the date of arrival of goats is near, this shed has not been made ready yet.


Senior Municipal Councillor and Congress leader Ashraf Azmi visited the Deonar Slaughter house, where he discovered that 4 lakh sq ft pandal or temporary shed, which is necessary for protecting goats from rain has not been erected yet. BMC Standing Committee approved Rs 5 Crore for erecting the shed and provisions for other facilities in Deonar Slaughter House.


However, General Manager of Slaughter House Mr Shete assured that the shed will be ready before 21st August, 2017. He also said that sufficient water supply to the Eid Goat market will also be ensured.

BMC has installed 80 water tanks in the complex. Apart from this, two mobile water tanker with a capacity of 20,000 litres will also be stationed here.

Officials also said that 26 veterinary doctors will be appointed in the animal dispensaries. Watch towers are being erected apart from the 15 chowkis and 7 high rise towers being made for security purpose. Cleaning operations have also been planned on a very large scale. Sufficient number of staff will be provided for cleaning operations in the complex.

Deonar Slaughter House is the only place where big animals are allowed to be sacrificed. Thus BMC has provided a large shed of 9000 sq ft for this purpose. Officials have assured that by 21st August, the slaughter house will be completely ready to receive sacrificial Eid–Goats.



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