Once denied becoming a constable, now offered to become the DSP: INDIAN WOMEN TEAM WICKETKEEPER

The Indian women cricket team’s wicketkeeper, Susma Verma’s dream is about to turn into reality and we can’t be more happy about this.

The woman who had dreamt of being a police constable, however, wasn’t selected due to several personal issues. But after her outstanding performance in the world cup, the Himachal Government has offered her the post of DSP.

They say hard work pays off, and they say it goddamn right.

Sushma’s father, Bhopal Singh, earlier had spoken about how his daughter wanted to join the police. For which she had also passed the test in 2013 in Shimla at the Bharadi ground. But due to an issue her grandfather’s health, she couldn’t make it to the personal interview.

Sushma is going to return to Himachal by 6th of August and she has already received appreciation from PM Modi in person.

Before this, only one player has been offered the post of DSP in the history of Himachal police and Sushma now would be the second lucky one on the list.

Before cricket, she earlier had great interest in games like Volleyball and handball. Later she started practicing cricket with a ball made of cloth and thus developed her interest for the game. She gradually got into practicing batting and eventually wicket keeping too.

Leaving volleyball for Cricket brought around the biggest turning point in her life; and after that there was no looking back.

Sushma, along with Volleyball, has played nationals in the game of Handball too. During the Himachal Cricket Association in Shimla in 2009, Sushma secured a place in the Indian cricket team after her impressive performance in the game, says her father.

Call her multi-talented or blame it on the luck, this woman is literally going places and there’s no one who can stop her from attaining what she wants.



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