Dawoodi- Bohra Trust Purcahses Dawood Ibrahim’s Properties

MUMBAI :The Dawoodi Bohra community’s trust SBUT which has undertaken the cluster redevelopment of Bhindi Bazar purchased all the properties of fugitive Dawood Ibrahim put on auction .

The SBUT became the highest bidder for Raunaq e Islam Hotel or Delhi Zaiqa hotel at Pakmodia street , six flats in Dambar wala building ,Pakmodia Street , Shabnam Guest House at J.J.Road .

All these properties fall within the areas where SBUT is carrying out the cluster redevelopment project .It  is reported that the Hindu Mahasabha  President who announced that he will purchase Dawood Ibrahim’s hotel to construct a public toilet could not even deposit the amount of earnest money , to qualify for bidding in the auction .

Therefore, he was not allowed to participate in the bidding .These properties were put to auction by the ministry of finance .The bidding went in favor of SBUT as they bid the highest for all the three Dawood’s properties .

Raunaq Afroz Hotel attracted the highest bid of Rs.4.3 Crores .

Shabnam Guest house got highest bid of Rs.3.52 Crores .

Six Rooms in the dambar wala building got the highest bid of Rs.3.53 Crores .

The total bid valued at Rs.11.58 Crores went in favour of SBUT .

The reports said that as the finance ministry through SAFEMA officials put the properties for auction, a lot of people showed interest anf SAFEMA office was flooded with the queries from interested individuals.

But it seems that some were just publicity hungry persons who did not have resources to purchase these properties.

Last week SAFEMA officials made inspection of the properties for interested parties who visited at the location of the properties.

The auction was held today by ministry of finance through the office of SAFEMA at the IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry , Church gate in which SBUT became the successful bidder .




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