Dalits , Muslims ,Secular Voters Defeated BJP,SS,MIM In Nanded

NANDED : The Nanded   Waghela Municipal Corporation election has come as a surprise for BJP leadership as they never imagined  Congress will sweep the election by cornering all communal parties in the fray including BJP ,Shiv Sena and MIM .

The result  has  indication  of secular voters including Dalits and Muslims unitedly voting to defeat all communal parties , as a result BJP , MIM and Shiv Sena  were  sidelined .The political experts said that the trend of secular vote bank voting to defeat the communal parties had already begun from Malegaon , Bhiwandi and Parbhani Municipal Corporation elections .

The Congress emerged as leading party in all those Municipal Corporation elections , but few sections of media ttok notice of defeats of BJP in Malegaon ,Bhiwandi and Parbhani .

Nanded has come in succession .But as the common public is very angry and protests are being staged all over the country against rising prices , inflation etc , the Nanded election came as a brute shock not only for the BJP , but also for other communal parties like Shiv Sena , MIM .

The political experts  noted that Nanded has a large number of Muslim voters .During last  Municipal elections in 2012 , the Hyderabad based Muslim party MIM entered into the election and bagged 12 seats .The experts said that the MIM divided Muslim voters in many other constituencies .This divide of Muslim vote bank in  2012  went  in favor of  other communal parties like BJP ,Shiv Sena also .The MIM which had 12 seats in the previous Corporation lost all seats this time .

The political observer said that Muslim voters of Nanded this time were very cautious .They saw that Muslim votes were not split in such a way to be beneficial for Hindutva parties .Therefore , the local Muslim voters unitedly voted in favor of Congress  candidates .The experts said that this is the reason all 12 MIM Councilors were defeated this time and Congress candidates  won from their seats raising the tally of Congress party in the house .




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