Dalit’s Beaten Up by Upper Caste for Skinning a Dead Cow in Gujarat

A Dalit man and his mother were thrashed by a group of 15 people belonging to “upper caste” for skinning a dead cow near crematorium. They were mercilessly beaten by the group at a village in Anand district of Gujarat.

These lynching of dalit’s started almost a year ago, which created a Nationwide uproar and there seems to be no stop to it.

People Protest Killing of Dalit's in Gujarat
People Protest Killing of Dalit’s in Gujarat

According to the FIR lodged, around 15 men from the Rajput community thrashed the 22-year-old man and his 45-year-old mother on Saturday night, while accusing them of not following proper rules for skinning dead cattle.

The victim alleged that the 15 Rajput men from Kasor, stormed into his residence at Saturday night and started verbally abusing him and his mother referring to their caste. When he protested they started thrashing the duo and threatened them with dire consequences.

Mob Lynching in the name of Cow is on the Rise in the Country
Mob Lynching in the name of Cow is on the Rise in the Country

“It all started on August 11, when the victim brought the dead cow for skinning from a nearby village. Instead of the designated place he started skinning it near the crematorium. Though the victim agreed to follow the rules next time, one of the accused entered into a heated altercation with him.

Later on next day around 15 men attacked the man and his mother outside their home. No arrests have been made so far.

These lynching have become common all across India since last year. The Government has failed to initiate tough actions and has done little to stop the insane caste based crimes.




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