Conspiracy of Bomb Blasts During Eid al Adha Foiled ?

MUMBAI : MNS leader Raj Thackrey had been warning that a conspiracy to trigger worst communal riots is being hatched to polarize India before general election .Maharashtra ATS seized 20 bombs and explosive material which was enough to make more than 50 bombs from a house in Nallasopara and other places .

Media reports hinted that Hindu extremists had planned bomb blasts at various places in Maharashtra including Nallasopara , Mumbai , Satara ,Pune , Sholapur .As these blasts were planned by the so called gau Rakshak who runs Hindu Gav Vansh Raksha Samiti , it is presumed that this group palnned to target Muslim dominated areas on the occasion of Eid al Adha , but the real facts will be known after ATS completes investigation .

ATS arrested main accused Vaibhav Raut from Nallsopara .He is said to be  a so called Gau Rakshak , Cow protector .He is running his cow protection organization named “HINDU GAV-VANSH RAKSHA SAMITI “,and he was reported to be associated with extremist Hindu organizations like Sri Ram Sene , Hindu Janjagruti Samiti , Sanatan Sanstha whose mmembers have been involved in many violent activities in the past .

ATS produced three accused persons Vaibhau Rawat , Sharad Kalaskar , Sudhnava Gondhalkar  before a magistrate court today .Police charged that these accused persons planned to carry out terrorists attacks in Mumbai , Nallasopara ,Pune , Satara , Solapur for which they made bombs .

As the master mind of this terrorist  group  Vaibhav Raut is said to be a Gau Rakshak and he was running an organization , Hindu Gav- Vansh Raksha samiti  , it is  presumed  that the group intended to target predominant Muslim areas and Mosques on the occasion of Eid al Adha .

Past records of Hindu extremists shows that whenever there was a Muslim religious festival , Muslim majority cities and places were targeted by bomb blasts .According to the past record , Malegaon  was targeted on the occasion of  Shab e Barat during 2006 , and on the occasion of 27th Night of   holy Ramazan during 2008 .Bomb blast occurred in Makkah Masjid Hyderabad in month of Holy Ramazan and in Juma prayers in 2007 .Dargah Ajmer was also targeted by bomb during holy month of Ramzan .Parbhani , Jalna , Purna bomb blasts in 2002-03 were aimed at Masjids on Fraiday targeting Juma prayers .

Considering this past record , it is suspected that the arrested mastermind Vaibhav Rawat , of Hindu Gav vansh Raksha Samiti planned bomb blasts on the occasion of Eid al Adha .This diabolic plan also vindicates the apprehension of many politicians including MNS leader Raj Thackrey that conspiracy is being hatched to trigger worst communal riots in the country .

Any such plan to target Muslim concentrated areas of many cities of Maharashtra on the occasion of religious festival could have triggered worst communal riots .



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