Is There Any Conspiracy Behind Targetting Madarsas In UP ?

LUCKNOW :The UP Madarsas are being targeted after Yogi government was voted to power therefore when UP Shia Waqf Board Chairman Waseem Rizvi who is being presumed as a stooge of some extremist Hindutvadi forces , alleged that all Madarsas must be converted into schools and some Madarsas are  training centers of terrorism  preparing students in making bombs be banned  .

Such atrocious demands made to the PM  seemed very much  a part of a greater conspiracy against Madarsas and Muslims , it is  suspected  .The  UP Madarsa Board administer Gupta who ordered Madarsas to celebrate Independence day , fly tri colour flags and make video clips as proof last year came under severe criticism for suspecting the loyalty and patriotism of Madarsas .

The latest order issued to anger Muslim was an instruction to put pictures of PM Modi in all Madarsas .As per the Islamic teachings, Madarsas do not have any pictures of any person , religious , national or political .Therefore , such instruction was another provocation .

In such background , the allegation of Shia Waqf Board Chairman  that some UP Madarsas are harboring terrorists and they are training centers of terrorism  , is highly objectionable , insulting , malicious and defamatory which also indicates that a conspiracy is being  hatched against Madarsas .

UP Shia Waqf Board Chief waseem Rizvi is facing 11 FIRs and CBI  inquiry for  illegally selling off Waqf properties worth Crores of Rupees during the SP regime .He was appointed by SP government .He is facing the CBI investigation therefore he switched the loyalty .

It is said that in the name of giving protection to him  from CBI inquiry and criminal cases , some Hindutva extremist  elements within BJP are using him for polarization and communal agenda .He is playing into the hands of some extremist forces , and it was evident when he offered Babri  Masjid plot for the construction of Ram Mandir and agreed to construct a Masjid in Lucknow instead .

He is not at all a party to the dispute but he tried to misdirect the issue at crucial time when SC was hearing the case .Therefore , his allegations against Madarsas are seemed to have been made at the behest of some extremist elements suggesting a deep conspiracy .





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