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Compulsion To Sing Vande Mataram Is Violation Of Constitution of India

MUMBAI: Government’s instruction to sing “Vande Mataram” in schools or any other public places at various occasion clearly violates Articles 28 (1) and (3) of Constitution of India. These are as following:

”Article 28(1) No religious instruction shall be provided in any educational institution wholly maintained out of state funds”, and

“Article (3) No person attending any educational institution recognized by the state or or receiving aid out of state funds shall be required to take part in any religious instructions that may be imparted in such institution or to attend any religious worship that may be conducted in such institutions or in any premises attached thereto unless such person or if, such person is a minor, his guardian his consent there to.”

Legal expert A.G Noorani said that this Article of the Constitution is very self explanatory. The language of the article is clear which hits at the actual practice, regardless of formal order and at attendance even if there is no participation in the worship.

The ‘Vande Mataram’ controversy is raised again and again for petty political gains, while the secular constitution of India clearly says that there cannot be any compulsion on any person to sing any song.

Constitution of India also states that the song like ‘Vande Mataram’, which is being objected on religious grounds cannot be made compulsory in educational institutions which run on public funds or which receive Government Aid.

Even then, various State Governments, Official Organizations are issuing instructions to make singing of ‘Vande-Mataram’ compulsory. Definitely, they are misusing the official position and issuing anti Constitutional orders in violation of Article 28(1)&(3).

The BJP Governments, instead of concentrating on basic issues like education to all poor people including Hindus, providing opportunities of higher education to them, is indulging into diversionary tactics. According to education experts, singing or not singing of Vande Mataram is a non issue for educational institutions. However fanatic elements are trying to make it a core issue, which will be harmful for educational  development of India.vande Mataramvande Mataramvande Mataramvande Mataramvande Mataramvande Mataram



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