NAGPUR: RSS chief took communal stand towards the issue of foreign refugees as he demanded democratic rights , citizenship , facilities of education and employment for Hindu foreign refugees , while he opposed any help or shelter to be provided for Rohingya Muslim refugees calling the Rohingya  Muslim refugees as  security

threat to the nation  .

*RSS chief while taking an anti Rohingya Muslim refugee stand, expressed sympathy for the Hindu migrants from other countries staying in Jammu and Laddakh .

*Thus he openly communalised  foreign refugee problem .He it seems is trying to colour the humanitarian problems of refugees into communal problem.

*He labelled the refugees into Hindu and Muslims .While he supported the welfare and help to Hindu refugees from foreign countries, he opposed any help to Rohingya Muslim refugees.

*Although he stated national security s as the basis of his opposition to Rohingya Muslim refugees, the reports and documents till  date  , did not support such assumptions .

*The RSS chief blamed the J & K government and said that Hindu refugees are staying  miserably in the state for decades for generations for their decision to be in Bharat Mata and remain as Hindus.he criticized the Jammu and Kashmir government alleging that it is not providing Hindu refugees the basic facilities of education, employment , democratic rights despite being citizens of Bharat .

Also  the lawyers representing Rohingya Muslims in SC said , all 40000 Rohingya Muslim refugees sheltered in India  cannot be blamed and victimized  for radicalization , if few of them have been reported to be involved by agencies .

RSS Chief sometimes reflected like a Modi government representative, appreciating government works and schemes.

*His speech at one place described that many women oriented schemes ( by the central government ) are progressing like “ Beti Padhao – Beti Bachao “ scheme , but he did not mention the alleged molestation of girls and lathi charge against agitating girl students at Benaras Hindu University which triggered mass protests .

*The RSS Chief appreciated central government on the way it settled Doklam issue with China on the borders through grit as well as international diplomacy.

*The RSS Chief also appreciated Swachhta Abhiyan initiated by Modi government but he failed to  speak truth and make reference to the burning issues like rising prices , increase in petrol , diesel prices , public agitation against rising prices boldly   .

*RSS chief while taking an anti Rohingya Muslim refugee stand ,  expressed sympathy for the Hindu migrants from other countries staying in Jammu and Laddakh .



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  1. A sangh with declared terrorist activity against leaders of freedom fighting Hindostan were not curbed,,,, instead allowed to carry out activity and allowed to enntnter govrnment fabric ,,,,,,, untill they spread and coverd govt by dirty and criminal tricks,,,,

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