Husband Chopped His Wife Into 70 Pieces

DEHRADUN :A local court found guilty and sentenced a man for allegedly murdering his wife and cutting his dead body into 70 pieces , in  a bid to hide his crime .The brutal murder sent shock waves in Dehradun in 2010 .

Software engineer Rajesh Gulati has been held guilty for murder by the court .In a  crime of unusual character , Gulati after smothering his wife to death , chopped  her body into 70 pieces and  stashed them in a deep freezer for two months .The case , which is  concluded in 7 years , is considered to be the most heinous murder case of  Uttarakhand  .


According to reports, Rajesh Gulati got married to Anupama in 1999 .They moved to US after their marriage .But in 2008 , they returned back to Dehradun .On their return , their marital life got strained .They had  frequent quarrels .Anupama alleged that Rajesh had an illicit affair with a Kolkatta woman .On October 10 , 2010 , they had a fight after an argument.It is said that Rajesh slapped his wife .But Anupama banged her head as a reaction .She got hurt and  fell unconscious .

According to reports, Rajesh was scared.He thought that if Anupama will regain, she may lodge police complaint against him .So he got panicked . So , he stuffed his wife’s mouth and nose with cotton .Then with a pillow , he smothered her .He did not want to any chances , so he did  the horrible act .

Chopped Wife Into 70 Pieces

He  brought an electric saw from the market .Then he chopped the dead body of Anupama  into 70 pieces .He , then  packed the 70 parts into 70polythene bags .He laos bought a deep freezer from the market .He then stored all 70 polythene bags in deep freezer .

To  get rid from the body parts of his wife , so that his crime may not be exposed , he used to  throw one polythene bag daily in the far away areas in the city .He also dumped some bags along the Missouri –Dehradun route .Police recovered many such body parts during the course of investigation .





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