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China ready to attack India, claims Mulayam Singh

Samajwadi leader Mulayam Singh in Lok Sabha on Wednesday claimed that, China in collaboration with Pakistan is ready to attack India and asked the government to reverse its stand on the Tibet issue and support its Independence.

Raising his concern in Lok Sabha on the ongoing tension between India and China, Mulayam Singh asked the government to inform the parliament what preparation it has done to tackle any challenge from China.

“China has joined hand with Pakistan, it has made full preparation to attack India”. “China is India’s biggest opponent, What has the government done? In Kashmir the Chinese Army has allied with the Pak Army” – Mulayam Singh


He also said that China has put many Nuclear weapons in Pakistan to target India.

Yadav said that India’s stand on Tibet that it was a part of China, was a mistake and the time has come to support its Independence, as it has been a traditional buffer between the two nations.

He also spoke of the massive amount of Chinese products finding a market in India.



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