Chhota Shakeel Threatening City Builders?

MUMBAI: The crime branch of Mumbai police is conducting  investigation into the reports which allege that D-Company gangster Chhota Shakeel is threatening the city builders and extorting money from them.

It may be recalled that a city builder lodged a complaint with Juhu Police against an unknown person who told his name as “Faheem Mach-Mach”. Crime branch sources said that Faheem Mach-Mach is a trusted aid of Chhota Shakeel. He stays with Chhota Shakeel in Karachi and handles the affairs of Chhota Shakeel gang.

Chhota Shakeel

But the police officers also said that it has not been established that Juhu builder was threatened by real Faheem Mach-Mach. Police sources said that some of the police has samples of voice of Faheem Mach-Mach and they will verify about the person threatening the said builder.

Police sources also said that the 40 year old builder received threat calls from a Spain numbers which began with numbers 3444. The sources said that all threat calls were made through internet calling system to make tracing of the source of calls difficult.

The said builder resides in JVPD. He received 2 such calls from an unknown person who said he was Faheem Mach-Mach and explained that he was calling on behalf of Chhota Shakeel.

The complainant received first threat call on July 27 when he went to telephone exchange area for registration of some documents. He ignored the first call, But on  July 31 the complainant received another call from the man who claimed that he was Faheem Mach Mach. He again demanded Rs.10 Crore as Protection Money. From the Complaint it seems that the extortionist had every detail of the complainant his residence in JVPD, his office in Andheri and his various projects being executed in Mumbai.

This is the recent complaint against underworld which police is seriously investigating. Police had already information about many such incident which indicated the revival of criminal activities by some underworld gangs.

Chhota Shakeel and Dawood Ibrahim

Police is investigating this case of extortion call from many angles. Police is also verifying if some other person is calling the complainant and using Chhota Shakeel’s name to frighten the builder. Many units of detection of crime branch are conducting parallel investigation into this case while officers from Juhu Police station are officially handling this case.






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