Why So called Most Advanced Country Israel Depends On US Aid?

NEW DELHI :Since world war II , Israel is the largest cumulative  recipient of US military and economic aid .Last year two countries signed a new 10 year military assistance deal  worth $  38 billion representing single largest ever pledge of its kind in  the entire US  history .

The question is, when Israel is one of the top 20 most developed and economically strong nation, why it needs so much of aid and assistance from US and why US tax payers are being burdened for military and economic aid for Israel ?

It is said that and some expert believe that Israel is a so called developed and most advanced country .The fact is that it is dependent on US military and economic aid .It cannot survive without US aid .Israel  has been recipient of largest US aid in the world .

Despite world pressure over the issue of Palestine, no US government is bothered to decrease the US aid to Israel .If any voice is raised in this context it is fiercely opposed in US .Even such calls are dubbed as anti-Semitics .

It is claimed that in spite of voices being raised against Israel for large scale violations of human rights and freedom in Palestine the US has pragmatic reasons to provide large sums of amount as Military aid to Israel.

It is said that Iran and Iran’s nuclear programs are big reasons Israel is cashing on .US wants to contain Iran’s influence and activities which are inconsistent with US policies and interests.

Israel is being presumed as the biggest and most loyal  US ally in the region to check Iran .Many US politicians even say that Us interests in Middle east are the Israeli interests .Therefore Israel is drawing maximum US aid not only in the region but it is the single country in the world which is getting largest US aid in the entire world .

If US withdraws from aiding and helping Israel militarily and economically , what will happen to this so called most developed and advanced Jewish state is anybody’s guess .



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