BULANDSHAHER: After the violence in Bulandshaher , there is a growing demand to ban Bajrang Dal. Death of police Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh seems to be a target killing .

The  said police Inspector was investigating officer of Akhlaque  mob killing in Dadri .It is surprising that  the officer who  was investigating the case against criminal involved in “ mob- lynching  “ himself became victim of mob violence .

The Hindutva mob led by Bajrang Dal activists indulged in violence and targeted police as well as police station .They raked up a story of cow killing in a faraway forest place to spread terror.

It is very  serious that fire arms were used freely against police by Hindutva mob .If fire arms are used against police and a police officer was killed in attacks on police station , then it is a clear case of terrorism , sedition and waging war against state .

Therefore the Bulandshaher violence is actually act of terrorism .All the accused persons must be tried under anti- terror laws .The organizations  to whom these accused persons belong , must be banned under UAPA. The case must be handed over to UP ATS or NIA for further investigations .There is a need to inquire whether this was a deeper conspiracy to coincide with Ijtema and December 6 ?

There is also a need to investigate which organizations and leaders are behind such violence ? Whether it was a criminal conspiracy ? Was this violence funded? Who provided finance and arms for such violence? As the local police is busy for law and order related work, only ATS or NIA will be able to do justice to the investigation in this violence .

UP Police lost a senior officer in this violence .Police Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh was shot at .He got a bullet injury in his head .It seems to be work of sharp shooter and trained terrorist who shot at him to kill him.The violence was used as the excuse for a police officer’s murder who was conducting investigation against Hindutva brigade .Therefore, this case is very important and serious.

Only NIA or ATS can unearth secrets of this case.




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