When Builders Can Cheat Dilip Kumar ,Where Common Man Stands ?

MUMBAI: Maharashtra government created RERA authority to protect flat buyers and tenants from cheater builders but the news of famous film actor and former MP Dilip Kumar being cheated by a builder shook the confidence of common man .

One asks , If builders are so shameless that they dare to cheat a VVIP like Dilip Kumar  than what they can do with an ordinary citizen who has limited resources to fight against their corrupt practices ?

It may be recalled that EOW of Mumbai police registered an offence last week against a builder Samir Bhiojwani .He was charged with cheating and forgery .But such action did not come for Dilip Kumar family by sitting in their bungalows and activating the police and government machinery by just phone call .

Saira bano , the ailing actor’s wife had been running from pillar to post to save their hard earned property from the clutches of land sharks .She even moved Supreme Court and the case was heard at the highest level of judiciary .

The cheater builder are never shy of arrests , police cases and court cases as they feel all of these as the part of their business .But a common citizen never knows how criminal and civil justice system is used or misused , therefore they usually succumb to such practices which cheater builders play against them .

Has RERA come to the relief of the harassed tenants, property owners, and flat buyers? This has to be seen, but the case of cheating and forgery against famous film star couple Dilip Kumar and Saira Bano is an eye opener.

Although EOW Cid registered a case against the said builder , but he could not be arrested immediately .He is still evading the dragnet of law .Most of the criminal boulders know how to avoid the law.So there is a need of stringent  law to deal with such criminal minded builders .



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