MUMBAI :Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar has rejected the occupational theory  of  un touch ability which believed that many occupations gave rise to un touchable in India .He said that the practice of untouchability is unique to Hindu Society which believed that some persons who are untouchable by birth and if they are touched by another set of persons , they may get polluted .

The reason for practice of untouchability of  a human being  is based on his or her birth in a particular caste or in  family , as per Hindu teachings .
On the contrary Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar  said that the persons doing  the jobs which are considered as unclean and filthy are there in every society in the world but they are not herded into that profession due to their birth in some castes or families .

But the practice of untouchability  is prevalent only in India .

Who were they and why they became untouchables? Dr. Baba sahib Ambedkar ahd discussed this in depth in his book which was published in 1948 .

Dr. Baba sahib Ambedkar in his book said that if Hindu India was invaded by Muslims , Buddhist India was invaded by Brahmin .According to him , the untouchables are the original residents of  pre Aryans India who were  the followers of  Buddha .

He also said that Hinduism was based on inequality and injustice. In its fold some men became untouchables and slaves .It never encouraged them to develop their minds and to advance in the life .

Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar was a highly educated person .He believed that the lower and oppressed castes and classes of the society must get education .According to him only education could emancipate untouchables.

In 1920s ,  Dr. Ambedkar said that political actions can also empower them .He advocated reservation of seats for minorities , that cannot otherwise secure personal representation or grant communal electorate .



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