NAGPUR : The great Gautam Budha was a ruler in Eastern India in the beginning of 6th century BC.A  German Indologist  Albrechet Weber wrote that Buddha rose against up against the Brahmanicle  hierarchy .He described Buddhism as the work of that single man .

Many writers noted that the philosophical principles of Brahmansim and Buddhism are equally opposed to each other.

Weber said the simplicity and ethical force of Buddha’s teachings provoked a complete rupture of Indian people with their past .

Many writers said that the Brahmanical society in primitive India had the hopeless distortion of human feelings and brought the caste system into the society.

Such caste system and Brahmanical estate brought pain and misery to the large number of people .In such a Brhamanist society , Buddhism brought revolution and social change .

The historians also say that Brahmansim and Buddhism are two forms of societies in India which are strongly opposed to each other.

The teachings of Gautam Budha are also strongly opposed to that of Brahmansim .Buddha preached of equal rights of all human beings without any distinction of birth , castes , class , place , race ,

occupation , and even sex which was revolutionary and exactly opposed to the system prevalent in Brahmanical estates .In those days , Brahmanism was dominating religion and was  caste ridden  social order of that period .

This was the result of continuation of Vedism ,  the culture brought to India by Aryans or the Indo-Europeans around 1500 years before the common era as they invaded India

and created Indian culture .

According to  historians ,Hinduism followed the period of Brhamanism thus 35 centuries period is divide

into Vedism –Brahmanism – Hinduism , it is said .

The Brhamanical society was riddled by castes , not based on the choice or merit but by the virtue of birth .The upper three castes were considered as pure and lowest caste was considered as impure .

As against the principles of Brhamanism , Buddhism preached equality of all human beings .Therefore the  division of the society on the basis of castes did not exist in Buddhism and birth of a person did not play any important role in the society .Buddhism discouraged caste system and it preached equality of all individuals .

Thus on basic principles and philosophy , Buddhism revolted against Brhamanistic order in  those times .




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