LONDON: The British government seized  many residential and commercial  properties of  wanted underworld don Dawood Ibrahim , which is estimated to be worth $ 6.7 billion , reports said . The second most richest under world don after Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar ( age 61 years ) is an Indian national who operates with 21 names .

There is a $ 25 million reward on any information which v=can help in his arrest. UK media reported today that UK treasury department included  Dawood Ibrahim’s  in consolidated list of financial sanctions targets  last month .

21 Other Names Of Dawood Ibrahim

The UK police and revenue agencies have 21 names of Dawood Ibrahim on record under which he operates .Some of  them are as follows:

Abdul Shaikh ;Ismail ; Abdul Aziz , Abdul  Hamid , Abdul Rehman ,Shaikh Mohammed , ,Anis ,Ibrahim ,Shaikh ,Bhai , Bada , Dawood , Bhai Iqbal , Anis , Ibrahim , Dawood Hasan , Shaikh , Kaskar , Sahab ,Haji ,Sabri  ,Seth :

Dawood’s Property In Midlands

It is said that Dawood Ibrahim had properties in Midlands .The enforcement directorate officials visited Midland in 2015 .They arrived to identify and seize properties belonging to D company head .It is reported that 4 officers from ED visited UK and they had  kept vigil on some properties which were suspected to be owned by Dawood Ibrahim .

The sorces told the media that apart from properties in Midlands , Dawood Ibrahim also owned a hotel in Warwickshire .

Billions Worth Properties

ED sources told media that Indian enforcement agencies are investigating about many properties in UK  and Dubai , on the suspicion that Dawood Ibrahim is the owner of these properties . The investigators learnt that Mumbai’s most wanted Mafia Don Dawood Ibrahim invested some  $ billions in these properties . The agencies said that they have been trailing the wanted mafia don for last so many years unsuccessfuly , so they are now targeting his  properties .


ED and other economic agencies are focusing on the other  properties of wanted Mafia Don , sources said .



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