When Bombay Police had A Staff Of 445 Officers and Men

MUMBAI: The British Company Sarkar organized Bhandari militia to support military and government in maintenance of law and order in the earliest Bombay , the police force  had a strength of only 445.The Bhandari militia was converted into regular police force in 1771 .during that time some organized criminal gangs live in the deserted areas of Worli, Sion ,Mahim .

These criminal gangs used to come to the main Bombay city, which was in Fort area .They committed crimes and fled to the suburbs.

These gangs were indulging in robberies, thefts, murder and other serious crimes .Their activities sent the wave of fear and terror.So the government disbanded the Bhandari militia and decided to organize a regular police force and in such circumstances the foundation was modern age Mumbai police was laid.

During 1771 , the strength of initial Bombay police was 445 .The Bombay police initially consisted of 45 officers and 400 men .The designation of the Chief of Bombay police was “Lieutenant of Police “.

The British officer James Tod was  appointed as the first  “Lieutenant of Police “.

The first Headquarter of the Bombay police is presumed to be in the Fort area, the then walled city of Bombay .All government offices were situated in the walled Bombay Fort area .The office of the Lieutenant of Police is also presumed to be situated there .


It is interesting to note that a lane in the Fort area was named as Tod Street .The historians believe that this street is named after the 1st Chief of Bombay Police, Mr.James Tod , the Lieutenant of Police .

The Bombay city as well as Bombay police developed in the beginning of the nineteenth century .During mid of nineteenth century Bombay city developed on a big scale and such rise of business and development of Bombay resulted in rise in crime and threat to the law and order situation.

This led to the modernization and expansion of  Bombay police .After the huge fire of 1803 in Bombay , the walled city , there was expansion of the city beyond Fort .Mandvi , Parel ,Mazgaon ,Khetwadi , Girgaum areas saw large scale development .Accordingly , Bombay police was also expanded .



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