Bombay High Court Issues Notice To Wakf Board Over Ambani’s Resdence“Antilia”

The Bombay High Court has served a notice to the Wakf board to clarify its stand on the land concerning the Mumbai residence of Mukesh Ambani’s house Antilia stands.

The land, on which “Antilila”stands tall, earlier belonged to the Currimbhoy Ebrahim Khoja Orphanage Trust that was meant to help orphaned Muslim children. Later in 2005, this land was purchased by Muffin-Antilia Commercial Private Limited, a company owned by Ambani.


Abdul Mateen, a school teacher and also a part time journalist for an Urdu newspaper, had read about the sales of this property in the newspaper. Following which he had also filed a petition in the year 2007 along with other 65 petitions under the same issue.

He had managed to convince the court that it was due to the mismanagement of Wakf board that led to the aberrant sale of all the properties. While advocate MilindSathe, representing Ambani’s company, said that the issue raised is being deliberated upon by Supreme Court as well.

He further said that CurrimbhoyEbrahimKhoja Orphanage Trust is a secular trust and same was registered with the charity commissioner. Hence it did not come under the notice of the wakf board aspermission of only the charity commissioner was taken.

Antilia 1

Nevertheless, Chaudhri has assured that once the enactment of Wakf act came into existence, all properties belonging to any agency was deemed to be under Wakf board. The division bench considering the same and asked the Wakf board to clarify its stand and also notify the issues which are being looked at by the Supreme Court.

Another such petition was declined that claimed that the property was sold at 10% of it’s market value.

The High Court has dismissed another such petition that was filed last year which alleged that Wakf had transferred the property to Antilia Commercial Private Limited at 10% of market value.

The petitioner was ordered to pay Rs 10,000. That petitioner stated that the orphanage came into existence in June 1996 and was registered in November 1952 under the Bombay Public Trust Act. The property was provided to impart education and a better life to orphans.





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