BAGHDAD : According to reports , Iraqi forces used excessive force against the protesters which resulted in heavy loss of human lives .This has also  been admitted by President of Iraq Barham saleh  that Iraqi  troops  used excessive force outside the rules of engagements against the protesters .The country is facing large scale criticism with many thousands of casualties in a week of protests .

Iraq is facing deadly protests over job programs , solar energy projects and a land redistribution program .It is reported that more than  165 people were killed during these protests .These anti Government protests erupted in Baghdad and other cities .These protests began in central Baghdad and spiraled to other cities .

A large number of protesters were young people who were forced to come out on streets due to economic hardship .They also protested against rampant corruption in Government offices .

Hawkish pro-Iran figures have meanwhile laid the blame for violence on alleged infiltrators backed by foreign enemies, warning that while reform is enacted, further demonstrations could be met with more force.




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