NANDED : The BJP’s march  of success in recent Panchayat elections was stopped by Congress today in Nanded – Waghela  Municipal Corporation , where election results  declared clean sweep for Ashok Chavan lead Congress .The president of Maharashtra Pradesh Congress  Ex CM Ashok Chavan described this win as the beginning of Ghar Wapasi for BJP from Delhi and Maharashtra .

He said  that the BJP which came to power in Center and Maharashtra began their  travel back to home with Nanded  election .He addressed a press conference in Mumbai and said that BJP has resorted to every trick to win the Nanded Waghela Municipal Corporation election . Shiv Sena was also there in the fray .But the Congress registered a land slide win in the 81 Member Corporation as 66 Congress candidates won the election defeating their rivals from all other parties. BJP secured 05 seats while a lone Shiv Sena candidate won this time .All MIM councilors and candidates faced defeat .

State Congress Chief Ashok Chavan said that  voters of Nanded rejected BJP and they deposed their confidence in Congress while they did not believe any false propaganda unleashed by BJP during poll campaign .He also praised the Congress workers for their dedication and work .He also decried and condemned that before this elections , BJP  resorted to horse trading but the results showed that their efforts proved fail .

He pointed out to the media that  BJP triggered  revolt in the Congress and 6  sitting Congress Councilors  were lured to join BJP , but all those were defeated in the election .He alleged that  BJP has been encouraging the politics of horse trading and political conversions but voters have also rejected this type of politics .

He also said that Congress performed much better in the Panchayat election held in Maharashtra recently .he also reminded that Congress performed better in the earlier elections of Malegaon , Bhiwandi , Parbhani  and other Municipal Corporation elections .He also cautioned the BJP that their return to home or Ghar Wapasi  has begun from power .




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