BJP’s Anti Tipu Sultan Hate Campaign Got Set Back From President of India’s Address

MYSORE: The distorted hate campaign by  extremist and communal elements who are defaming Tipu Sultan as  anti-Hindu and communal ruler got a big setback  when President of India  Ram Nath Kovind paid tribute to the freedom fighter and Tiger of Mysore Tipu Sultan and his contribution in fight against British occupying forces .

The President Ram Nath Kovind , who was a BJP leader and former Bihar Governor  describing   Tipu Sultan as a real  hero said ,”Tipu Sultan died a heroic death fighting the British .He was also a pioneer in  development and use of Mysore rockets in warfare. This technology was later adopted by Europeans.”

Such tribute has angered BJP which is trying to communalize the atmosphere of state by distorting historical facts. For the past many years BJP state cadres and leaders are opposing the celebration of Tipu Sultan Jayanti .

They have been spreading false and distorted version of history  to declare Tipu Sultan as a “religious bigot “ and a “brutal ruler “.

But the President Ram Nath Kovind in his joint address in the Karnataka state assembly punctured the state BJP’s false propaganda against Tiger of Mysore Tipu Sultan.

The President’s reference to the great freedom fighter Tipu Sultan for his heroic fight against British may have come as shock and surprise for state BJP , which is vehemently opposing the state government’s decision to celebrate Tipu Sultan Jayanti on November 10 .BJP is staunchly opposing such celebrations on communal grounds . The BJP leaders are describing Tipu Sultan as anti-Hindu , anti-Kannadas , and Muslim fundamentalis but they all are relying on the false and distorted version of history.

The BJP is trying to polarize society on communal grounds so as the BJP leaders are spreading hatred against Mughal rulers and Taj Mahal on false grounds , they are targeting Tipu Sultan .They are  circulating all fabricated and distorted versions of history to brand Tipu Sultan as anti -Hindu rulers.

By  targeting Tipu Sultan for their hate campaign , they want to spread communalism in South India for narrow  vote bank gains .But President of India  Ram Nath Kovind’s reference to the great son of India Tipu Sultan  gave  a big blow to BJP’s  hate campaign  against Tipu Sultan .




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