BENGALURU: BJP and RSS workers opposed the official celebrations of Tipu Sultan Jayanti by organizing a protest at Town hall.The divisive forces opposing Tipu Sultan birth anniversary celebrations were dealt a blow by the Court when it refused to issue stay order against official celebrations.

But BJP and RSS workers gathered at Town Hall today and held demonstration .They criticized the state government which is preparing to celebrate Tipu Sultan Jayanti on Friday.

The state government is observing the Jayanti since 2015 and extremist elements are opposing this .The controversy against celebrations turned violent in Kodago district  in 2015 .

The BJP and RSS are forefront in opposing the Tipu Sultan Jayanti  but they got a big jolt when President of India Ram Nath Kovind while addressing the joint assembly session recently paid tribute to The Tiger of Mysore tipu Sultan .

He said that Tipu Sultan died a heroic death while fighting against British. The President of India further said ,”Tipu Sultan was also the pioneer in the development and use of Mysore rockets in warfare .This technology was later adopted by Europeans .”

This respect and tribute to Tipu Sultan from the 1st citizen of India came as a big disappointment for the BJP and RSS cadres opposing Tipu Sultan jayanti celebrations.

But another BJP leaders and ministers are doing harm to the peace of the state as they are playing dirty politics over Tipu Sultan Jayanti.

The Union Minister Anant Kumar  Hegde came under sever criticism for his derogatory remarks against Tipu Sultan Jayanti .He twitted  , “Conveyed to the Karnataka government  not to invite me for the shameful event of glorifying a person known as a brutal killer , wretched fanatic and mass rapist .”

Such derogatory and cheap remarks based on racial and communal ill will was condemned in social media.Other BJP and RSS leaders are also spitting venom against Tipu Sultan which is hurting secular image of the state .



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