BJP Could Not Repeat UP In Gujarat?

AHMEDABAD : BJP won the Gujarat elections but could not repeat the success of UP in the home state of PM Modi .This question is being analyzed by experts who said that the win of BJP in Gujarat is a very narrow win as Congress lost approximately 15 seats with a margin of 200 to 2000 votes only .

This narrow win is seen in reference with the lone Rahul Gandhi  pitted against PM Modi and his full entourage in a state which is described as BJP’s fort and Hindutva’s first laboratory .

A resurgent Congress gave  robust competition to the ruling BJP .The surprise  narrow win of BJP came from Surat which saw biggest ever protests against GST .This has surprised many political analysts .Surat has gone BJP’s way although this trading city was very angry against GST and


Hardik Patel ‘s mammoth rally also sent anti BJP signals .The BJP National President  proved right  to achieve his targets in many state elections including UP.But he could not achieve his target in Gujarat .

The 150 seats target miserably failed as BJP could not cross  even the 100  seats mark this time .

The Gujarat state elections this time were more prestigious for BJP than previous two elections when Modi and Amit Shah both were state leaders and BJP got 117 and 115 seats respectively.

Modi as PM and Amit Shah as National President of BJP were first time leading BJP election campaign .Therefore Amit Shah was hopeful to get 150 seats out of 182 .

He might be thinking of repeating UP in Gujarat .But it did not happen .During 2012 elections ,BJP as Modi as CM got 115 seats while Congress got 61 seats .If that result is compared with the results of 2017 , even a layman can understand the slide down of BJP and rise of Congress in Gujarat at a time when it iis said that whole nation is behind PM Modi .The Gujarat results indicate that voters in Gujarata are drifting away from BJP and Modi .

This is alarming bell .



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