VADODRA: A video of BJP candidate insulting Muslims as Topi walas and dadhi walas and issuing threats to reduce their population went viral in social media .A complaint also has been lodge against such speech to election commission .

According to reports, BJP candidate from Dabhoi assembly seat in Gujarat  Sailesh Sotta said that  the population of Topi walas and dadhi walas must be reduced .He issued veiled threats when he said that he has come to this area not to get frightened but to instil fear ( among Muslims whom he referred to  as topi wala  and dadhi walas  ) in his speech .

His speech created tension and resentment in the area therefore a complaint was lodged against him by an Ahmedabad based social worker Nishant Verma .

According to reports , BJP candidate Sailesh Sotta referred to Muslim  as they and  tried to spread hatred against them .He said ,”If you talk about your community , you cannot contest elections .But I am contesting elections for the religion in which I was born .

They (Muslims) will have to stop sporadic clashes , or they will get befitting reply (un ko eint ka jawab pathhar se deinge ) “ the BJP candidate openly threatening language in his speech . He also said that  he is not bothered about 10%  ( Muslims ) vote as 90 % voters (Hindus ) are with him .

Some political experts were feeling that as the time will pass Gujarat election campaign will get anti-Muslim  colour .It is reported that an atmosphere of  fear and terror can be created so that there must be low Muslim polling .The BJP leadership feels that the majority of Muslim vote will go against them .

Therefore low Muslim turn out will e in their benefit.It is being asked , will this strategy result into anti – Muslim hatred in campaign ? The Sotta video is being seen in this context .



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