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NEW DELHI : BJP is again playing Ram Mamdir card to attracter extremist sections  of voters .It is alleged that by retaining this issue in election manifesto for the last 30 years , the saffron party  wants to polarize electorate

BJP did not keep its promise to make Ram Mandir during this tenure but the party again included Ram Mandir agenda in its election manifesto for Loksabha  election 2019 .

This is another attempt to polarize the electorate to gain political benefit out of a communal issue .The BJP manifesto said  following :


Ram mandir — Will evaluate all possibilities within the framework of the Constitution and all necessary efforts to facilitate the expeditious construction of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.

This means NJP is flatly refusing to abide by the court order in this matter .

This also means that BJP also not favoring out of court settlement .

The manifesto promises that BJP will evaluate all possibilities within the framework of constitution .

Though BJP has  expressed itself in a very vague term , some experts are of the view that BJP is hinting at  the legal  route to pave way of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya .That also means  that BJP wants to make a legislation in Parliament to make way for construction of  ram Mandir in Ayodhya .But this also seems to be a poll promise made to garner votes .

It is said that BJP will lose its numbers in Loksabha  even if it succeeds to retain power.So how it can enact a law in Parliament to facilitate construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya ?

It is said that it wants to keep this issue alive for another five years .



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