Global Whistle Blower Snowden Claimed That A Fake Death Drama Was Staged By CIA To Rescue Osama Bin Laden

MOSCOW: Whistle blower Edward Snowden has revealed that Osama Bin Laden is still alive and living with his five wives and many children while CIA orchestrated fake drama of his death .This sensational claim was made by Snowden who is living in Russia as fugitive .

According to a World News Daily report, Snowden revealed that CIA is paying Osama Bin Laden a monthly amount of $ 1 lakh through some front business houses.”I have documents showing that Bin Laden is still alive and on CIA’s pay roll .He is still receiving more than $ 1 lakh a month which are transferred to his Nassau Bank account through some businesses and organizations ,” said Snowden .He further said , “I do not  know where he is now but in 2016 , he was living in his Villa in Bahamas  .”


He also claimed that CIA orchestrated a fake death drama of Osama Bin Laden while in the grab of attack , he was rescued and was actually transported with his family to an undisclosed destination in Bahamas .

He further alleged that Osama Bin Laden has been a very useful and efficient operative of CIA for a very long time .He also alleged that fake death drama of Osama Bin Laden was enacted in collaboration with Pakistani military authorities who simply withdrew the security cover provided  by Pakistani Secret Services to Bin Laden .

According to Snowden , Osama Bin Laden was shaved .He beard was cut and he was clean shaved .He wore an American military uniform and disguised probably as an American officer , he was rescued from Pakistan in a fakr death drama .He claimed that as his death was announced and every one believes that he was killed so he does not find any  difficulty  and  this made it easy for him to disappear .

According to reports Snowden will reproduce documents which prove that Osama Bin Laden is still alive in his forthcoming book  to be released soon .



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