MUMBAI: Thousands of the tenants of old buildings in Bhindi Bazar  and other areas which were redeveloped or are under the process of redevelopment feel cheated by builders as builders hardly honour agreements and do everything to fleece  tenants to earn huge profits .

In many  old and dilapidated buildings which were redeveloped under sec 33(7) , builders allegedly sold refuge areas , parking areas also .Such blatant violation of DC rules not only denied many buildings OC , but the occupants are being slapped with huge amount of fines as they are occupying the flats in a building which does not have OC.

This is cheating and fraud played by the builders played against not only the old tenants but the new purchasers of flats in such redeveloped buildings are also suffering for the fault and greed of builders.

There are dozens of buildings in Bhindi Bazar , Nagpada , Madanpura areas where builders  constructed illegal flats in parking areas and therefore , residents of these multi – storied buildings are forced to park their vehicles and two wheelers on roads . These redeveloped buildings where parking areas have been encroached to build illegal flats have complicated parking problem in already congested areas of these localities.

In many areas BEST buses are finding it very difficult to pass through as residents of redeveloped buildings are parking their vehicles and two wheeler on both sides of roads. Pedestrians are also finding it very difficult to walk on the congested roads which are choked with parked two wheeler and four wheeler .Such situation is also disturbing peace and posing the law and order problems .

Fights over the parking of vehicle or two wheelers has become common occurrence in these areas. Many local citizens fear that parking spaces and fights over parking areas in these localities can become a serious law and order problem in the area in future.

Only profit hungry builders and corrupt official who shut their eyes in support of these builders will be held responsible for this.




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