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BHINDIBAZAR : Falooda Famed Shalimar Restaurant

Bhindi Bazar has several milestones, Shalimar Restaurant being one among them. This restaurant has now branched out to multiple locations like Andheri, Saki Naka & Vashi. But to eat at Shalimar Restaurant at Bhindi Bazar is a charm of its own. Started sometime in the year 1970, its founder Zainundin Shaikh must have not even thought that his small restaurant will be rated among the top restaurants in the city even after 47 years.

It is now the third generation of the Shaikh family who is taking care of the restaurant and continuing the delicacies as tasty as it might have tasted in its beginning years. Zainundin started Shalimar restaurant, but it grew tremendously under his son Shahabuddin Shaikh, and became a trademark in the field of Moghlai Food. Shalimar restaurant not only concentrated on taste but also on ambiance.

At one point of time, Shalimar Cold Drink house existed near Bhindi Bazaar fire brigade. It was a very famous Falooda joint in the area. Pahelwan, cousin of the Shaikh family & owner of the Shalimar Cold Drink House started his business by selling sugar cane juice at Bohri Mohalla in a small shop.

He became famous and this small sugar cane juice shop still draws a lot of crowd.

It is not only the Falooda which attracts the queue of customers whom the lovingly Shalimar people call “Murid” of food means “Fans of their Food” but their delicious Biryani and Korma are some delicacies which you cannot afford to miss.

Bhindibazar’s Shalimar has become a hot place for social gatherings as families and friends flocks in group to this restaurant. Shalimar is also famous for its Tandoori items as It offers a lot of variety with exquisite taste which will trigger your taste buds. Shalimar is equally famous for Mughlai as well as chats.

The best part of this shop is even after being run by the third generation still, it follows their traditional cooking on coal hearth which their forefather Zainundin Shaikh and his co-chefs used. He hailed from Uttar Pradesh and moved to Mumbai thinking down to settle their lives.


The famous item on the menu card still remains the same as it was 47 years ago like for example the  “Mughlai Dum Pukht Biryani” which is cooked on big haandis on coal. The flavor and fragrance of this biryani can keep people waiting for hours.

When someone asked the third generation owner, a young Umair Shaikh about the success of their shop, he has a different reason for the long queue waiting at his shop.

He says the queue is waiting because they cook their food with patience and love and to top it we also serve the same food with love. Hence with the grace of Allah we have become successful.

Shalimar Restaurant has now mushroomed into multiple sides of the Bhindi Bazar junction. So it has its main entrance on Bhindi Bazar whereas on the adjoining S.V.P Road towards Dongri, it has Shalimar Cold Drinks as well as the Chat section. Few steps further it has a sweet shop. Thus the customers get different delicacies to sparkle their taste buds under one roof.



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