MUMBAI: 100 year old 5 storied Hussainiwala building, which collapsed in the morning on 31th August, 2017, was declared as dangerous in 2013. Inspite of that many families were residing while some go-downs at the ground floor were used as eateries in which many workers stayed.

“Who is responsible for this crash?” locals asked. Are the officials who failed to evict the building, responsible for the loss of lives, it is being asked.

According to reports received till 3.00 pm today, 16 people have died while more than 14 are reported to be injured. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis visited the site apart from Housing Minister Prakash Mehta, local MLA Amin Patel, local Municipal Councilor Atul Shah and many public representatives visited the crashed building site.

Earlier in the day, Municipal Commissioner Mr. Ajoy Mehta visited  and supervised the rescue operations. He was accompanied by Samajwadi Party Leader and Municipal Councilor Rais Shaikh.

Fire brigade personnel were joined by 45 jawans of NDRF to retrieve those stuck up under the debris.

Guardian Minister of Mumbai City Subhash Desai said that an enquiry has been ordered whether Hussainiwala building was declared as a dangerous building or not while on his visit to the site in the early morning. He said that whoever found responsible in the collapse of the building will face strict action.

Many residents of the area told the minister that the building was declared as dangerous in 2013 but officials did not take proper action to evict the residents. Local people said that some families living in the building vacated their tenements, but still many families stayed despite the building being in dilapidated condition.

How they were allowed to stay in this building  and who are the officers responsible for not evicting the tenants, will be ascertained by the inquiry, Minister Subhash Desai said. The local people alleged a nexus between builders and officials. South Mumbai area has thousands of old buildings which are in dilapidated conditions.

However due to failure of any comprehensive and tenant friendly policy, thousands of families are forced to live in dangerous building. Government must make a tenant friendly reconstruction policy of old building, local people demand.



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