PUNE : The battle of Bhima Koregaon  was an exemplary occasion of bravery of Dalits who eliminated Peshwa Raj based on degraded inequality and exploitations of lower castes .This  day, January 1 , is also called as Shaurya Diwas or Bravery day , as 500 soldiers belonging to Mahar Regiment defeated a huge Peshwa Army of 28000 soldiers at Bhima Koregaon , near Pune .Dalits believe that this was a war for the equality , liberty and self-respect for lower castes .By defeating Peshwa Army , Dalits put an end to the terror of Peshwas forever .


In the picture , see Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar (center) visiting the vijaystambh of Bhima Koregaon on 1st January 1927. Every year, lakhs of Dalits visit Bhima Koregaon every year to pay their respect to the brave 500 Mahar Dalits who defeated 28000 Peshwas. But our history is ignored by mainstream media.

This is also evident from social media that instead of just ignoring , or accepting historical facts , extremists are trying to prove that Bhima Koregaon history which is being followed by Bahujan as wrong .

One Bhardwaj said , “
1) The Peshwas WON this battle. The British who aimed to capture Pune had to abort their mission and flee. This was a battle between British & Peshwas. NOT between Peshwas and Dalits. There were many Dalits fighting in the Peshwa army. Only 22/49 of slain were Dalits.’’

Such posts are actually defending Peshwa rule who were Brhamins and they oppressed Dalits during their rule .But many Dalits are celebrating Bhima Koregaon defeat of Peshwas by Mahar Regiment as Saurya Diwas for Dalits as the Mahar regiment under British put an end to Peshwa Raj which was nothing but pain , misery and slavery of  Dalits .

The battle of #BhimaKoregaon was fought on January 1, 1818. The 500 Brave MAHAR Warriors who fought continuously without Rest and Respite, Food or Water for Twelve Hours against a large force of 20,000 infantry & 8000 cavalry of Peshwa Bajirao.






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