MUMBAI : Bahujan Republican Party Chief  Adv. Prakash Ambedkar who alongwith 200 other organizations called today’s Maharashtra Bandh demanded that  Hindutvadi leaders Sambhji Bhide and Milind Ekbote who have been book as those responsible for triggering the Bhima Koregaon violence must be tried like Yaqub Memon .

He  also warned that some  Hindutvadi organizations are conspiring to create lawlessness .He in a press conference called after today’s Bandh alleged that  Shiv Pratishthan Chief Sambhaji Bhide and Hindu Ekta Aghadi leader Milind Ekbote are the masterminds of Bhima Koregaon  violence which  resulted in huge protests all over the state .He said  that today’s Bandh was supported by 50%   of state population and this was not only a Dalit Bandh .Many progressive and left parties supported the Bandh .

Adv.Prakash Ambedkar said that the Bandh was more or less peaceful despite some incidents of violence .He said that some sections are linking the names of Jagnesh Mewani and Umer Khalid to create mischief .He said that there was no function where these people were invited in Bhima Koregaon .They have nothing to do with this .He also clarified that BHIMA KOREGAON was a mass celebration and it was not any function.

He also clarified that till the time Bandh was under his control , it was peaceful.The Bandh was called by many organisations and after it was called off by me , the situation is in the hands of CM Fadnavis .He denied to own any responsibility of any violence during the bandh .For Aurangabad , he blamed the police and said that combing operations by police there resulted in some violence.



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