Bhayyuji Maharaj Committs Suicide , Followers Surprised, Discussion Trigger In Social Media

MUMBAI : A popular religious leader Bhaiyyo Ji Maharaj committed suicide by shooting himself in the forehead at his residence in Indore .

He was brought to Mumbai and was admitted in Bombay Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries, reports said  .His suicide surprised his followers and triggered discussion in social media .

Bhaiyyu ji Maharaj whose real name is Uday Singh Deshmukh ,was a former Model and though his followers in all political parties his father was a Congress leader .

According to reports, he shot himself today in the morning and left a suicide note .” Somebody should be there to handle the  duties of the family .I am leaving, too much stressed out .Fed up , “ he said in the suicide note .





  1. Spiritual guru Bhayyu Maharaj, who had refused to accept ministerial rank granted by the Madhya Pradesh government over two months back, allegedly committed suicide on Tuesday by shooting himself in Indore, leaving his followers as well as the political community shocked.

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