Beware Of Pick Pockets & Mobile Phone Lifters Mumbai

MUMBAI : Mobile phone lifting and pick pocketing are two  major crimes in Mumbai which always  pose  challenge  to Mumbai  police .The routine crime in Mumbai is mobile lifting and pick pocketing when  expert criminals  target their victims at crowded places .

Be it a local train, or BEST bus or shopping mall , or tourist spot or any vent where crowd gathers , the pick pockets  and mobile phone lifters do their job on unsuspecting victims .

So , one must be very alert while travelling in crowded local trains or buses in Mumbai .There are some pick pockets who always target tourists .Therefore if you are a tourist , who step out for sightseeing , one must be very careful for their pockets , credit , debit cards , mobile phones and other costly belongings .

Whether a person is a tourist, or local resident, he must take precautions while travelling in public transport or walking at crowded places.

Those who know the modus operandi of these criminals advise that any person travelling in Mumbai , must not keep all his cash in one pocket .The cash must be divided  in many pockets .It is also advised that your clothes must have secret pockets .This must not attract the attention of pick pockets .

It is also advised that major part of your cash must be kept in the secret clothes of your trousers and shirts .One must keep a small part of cash in easily accessible pockets .While paying to the Taxi- wala or auto rickshaw driver or bus conductor or while purchasing tickets at railway station, one must take out only small cash.

In any circumstances, one must not expose their pockets and cash belongings .The mobile phone must be kept at a safe pocket and in crowds, one must be alert towards their mobile phone. The mobile phones should also be used with caution and care as many mobile phone lifters strike at their targets while riding on the motor bike, so while walking on the lonely road also, you can be a victim of mobile phone lifters. The citizens must take care of their pockets, mobile phone and belongings and must express them  as  alert so that  criminals will not dare to target you .




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