Beware Of Cheats : Warns Haj Committee Of India


MUMBAI :Haj Committee of India has warned unsuspecting Muslims that they must not become victim of some cheaters who are  active to deceive unsuspecting Muslims in the name of serving Haj pilgrims in Holy cities during  Haj 2018 .

A press release has been issued by the CEO of Haj Committee of India Dr. Maqsood Ahmed Khan   . According to the press , it has been drawn to the attention of HCI that some unscrupulous persons are circulating deceiving and fake messages in social media .These message promise the innocent Muslims that they will get the opportunity to serve haj pilgrims this year and they will alos get the opportunity to perform  for a very nominal cost .

The Haj Committee of India sources said that some cheaters are forging the letter heads and names of haj Committee of India .They are promising unsuspecting Muslims that they will be appointed as Khadim Ul Hujjaj , serving the Haj pilgrims .It must be said that the haj through HCI costs around Rs.2.50 lacs to Rs. 2.75 lacs  per person but some cheaters are misguiding innocent Muslims that  if they will pay amount ranging from Rs. 40 to Rs.60 thousands , they will accompany the haj pilgrims as Khadim ul Hujjaj of HCI .

Many poor Muslims who do not have resources to spend fewLakhs of rupees to perform Haj fall prey to such cheaters, it is said.The HCI  clarified that all circulars of HCI are posted only on official website.

The HCI also clarified that it has not invited any member of Muslim public for the posts of Khadim ul Hujjaj .The HCI also do not solicit any money from candidates for appointing them as Khadim ul Hujjaj .

Usually Muslim government servant of central , state governments or local self-governments are appointed as Khadim ul Hujjaj , it is said .HCI through this press note cautioned Muslims to not fall in the trap of charters .



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