The Benefit Of Demonetisation According to PM

NEW DELHI : The PM Modi highlighted the benefits of  demonetisation in as even minute duration video clip which is aimed to retaliate against the opposition protests and observance of November 8 as a ”Black -Day”.


The following are the benefits, according to PM of the move to ban Rs.1000 and Rs.500 currency notes last year:

(1)It was a bravest action of the central government which came into power in 2014 therefore this day must be celebrated as anti- black –money- day.

(2) The government is for the poor with honest; it is expressed on this day.

(3)The poor and common people were not affected or troubled with his decision as they believe in the honesty and integrity of the government which is fighting for them.

(4)The decision broke the backbone of terrorism and Naxalism in the country and reduced stone pelting activity in Kashmir by 50 %.

(5) The move helped to unearth lakhs of shell companies (operating as benami at national and international levels).

(6) The move was unprecedented cleaning effort for Indian economy.

The  PM described the demonetisation as the people’s fight and   said that 125 crore  citizens  of India fought  the battle against black money and won .I bow to the people of India for steadfastly supporting  the several measures of government to eradicate corruption and black money .



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