MUMBAI: The BJP government immediately after coming to power in states of UP and Maharashtra , imposed beef ban rendering thousands of people connected to Beef  and allied trade  jobless within 24 hours .Although  the Beef policy of BJP is not consistent , as this is contradictory in states like Goa , Meghalaya and some North – Eastern states , but  after such beef ban , the so called Gau Raksha Dal which were defunct for the last few decades became active .They have unleashed a reign of terror through their violent acts during the incidents of mob lynching .

Many hard core Hindu organizations are openly supporting these unruly Cow – Bhakts  who are taking law into their hands .

Famous  Dalit activist Prof. Kancha Illaiah  described  in an interview that the Beef ban is nothing but imposition of higher – caste – Hindu – culture not only on Muslims and Christians but also on Dalits , backward classes and tribals .There is a wrong impression generally created among the public that only Muslims are  beef eating community .But this is not the fact .Many people from various communities eat beef so beef ban is not an act aimed at Muslims only .

Another fact which is generally omitted  is that Beef is  not only the source of trade and employment for Muslims ( Butchers ) but  also for so many Non-Muslims , including Indian farmers  , cattle trader , cattle transporters , those connected to skin trade and other allied businesses .A large number of them happen to be from Dalit , OBS ,SC ,ST classes , along with Muslims .

But experts say  that in the name of protection of cow , rural economy is being destroyed and  a particular culture is being imposed .This is nothing but atrocity being committed on beef eating citizens as well as on those who depend on beef trade for their bread and butter .This is cultural imposition on other sections of society by a particular community which is against the secular tradition of the country . .



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