LUCKNOW : DM of Bareily who is an ex army officer shook entire Sangh Pariwar and specially UP BJP government and their supporters when through a simple tweet , he exposed the modus operandi of some fanatic Hindu gangs to trigger tension and violence in Muslim dominated areas .


DM Bareilly R V Singh who may be not aware how bureaucrats loyal to their masters act , reacted in his tweet , the facts which bared a modus operandi being practiced to create communal tension in UP and other areas .

The timing of such tweet further embarrassed the political patrons ofcommunal ghoondas as such starategy was also adopted in Kasganj where a gang of communal ghoondas entered into a Muslim dominated locality on republic day when celebration  was going on .

The Bareily DM’s tweet exposed the lies of communal ghoondas who were blaming Muslims for initiating the riots in Kasganj .

DM Bareily actually vivisected the strategy to create tension, provoke Muslims and initiate riots .He said ,” A surprising trend has developed .Take out rallies in Muslim areas .And raise Pakistan Murdabad slogans .

Why brother? Are those Pakistanis? “


The said comments from a DM of a very sensitive district worked as  sprinking of salt at communal elements injury.They did the same in Kasganj .They entered into Muslim dominated areas along with Bhagwa flags .

Muslims were already celebrating  republic day .They hoisted tri colours .But they were threatened with abusive and challenging slogans like ‘Is Desh main rehna hoga ,

Vande Mataram kehna hoga ,”.

They forced Muslims to fly Bhagwa  flags .This provocation led to clash in which one person was killed so communal elements tried to make a martyr  out of him .

The Kasganj riots are going on and false propaganda has been unleashed by paid and servant media blaming Muslims for riots and  anti-national  stand .

But the tweeter comments of DM Bareily Mr. Singh exposed an entire conspiracy being hatched to create riots by provoking Muslims and blame the Muslims only for such incidents.Therefore the patron of communal ghoondas are very furious against this upright officer and they are demanding that action must be taken against him for speaking truth .



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