NEW DELHI: The Bangladesh government today assured India that all the 30 Bangladeshi Hindu families whose houses were put on fire by a violent mob will be compensated and provided financial help.

It is reported that a mob on Friday got violent after the alleged defamatory post hurting religious  sentiments of Muslims went viral for  which a local person from minority community  of  Bangladesh was  accused .

The Bangladesh authorities also assured the government of India that adequate security measures will be taken to provide the protection to the local Hindu community .This was revealed by Minister for external affairs Shrimati Sushma Swaraj .

Shrimati Sushma Swaraj revealed this after her attention was drawn to the incident where 30 houses of Hindus in Bangladesh was torched .She said that the Indian government received a detailed report .Bangladeshi authorities have assured that the victims will be given compensation to rebuild their houses .

According to the Bangladeshi newspapers , violence erupted in Horkoli Thakurpada village  ,in Rangpur district .The protesters were infuriated over an alleged defamatory face book post which made mockery of Islam .

The mob which collected after Friday prayers went berserk and they torched 30 huts belonging to Hindu community .The police burst tear gas and fired rubber bullets in which one person identified as Habibur Rehman  was killed .

Other 11 persons including 7 policemen were also injured .One Titu Chander Roy was accused of posting an anti Islamic defamatory post on Face book .A trader from neighboring village lodged a police complaint against him.

The police was investigating the complaint but the resentment in the nearby areas grew .On Friday, November 10, 2107, some local organizations organized protests in the village .The crowd collected went out of control as some people attacked

the houses of local Hindus .The district magistrate ordered inquiry into this incident .




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